Senior Aviation Medical Examiners

Greg Pinnell, M.D.
Private Pilot ~ Flight Surgeon, USAFR
Marshall Brown, M.D.
Private Pilot

Examinations by appointment in our Saginaw offices at:

The Saginaw Brown Airport   4821 Janes Rd, 48601    KHYX

Avflight, Saginaw International Airport   8500 Garfield Rd, 48623    KMBS

The FAA requires that applications for pilot certification be done online:

1.  With your browser go to   , register an account, fill out the application.

2.   Make sure to save your CONFIRMATION NUMBER!   The examiner will need it.

If you do not have internet access, call    989-860-3664    or    989-245-4494    for plan B!

Call/email for appointments or advice regarding certification!

For more about medical certification please visit